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Behaviors you can immediately adopt to align with your belief that you have a place at the healthcare table.


Lona Small

When as a young supervisor  I asked my manager for guidance I was told, "Figure it out because I had to learn it  by the seat of my pants".  In retrospect I realized that my manager just did not know what to do.

Many similar incidents has led me to properly equip myself as a  leader and demonstrate the Clinical Lab as an "important part of the whole"  in the healthcare system.

Instead of skipping industries to work on my craft, I dedicated many years rolling up my sleeves in labs, demonstrating our value to the rest of the healthcare team. I did this through visible projects that are aligned with patient outcomes.

My mission is to give lab leaders the right tools to be influential and impactful leaders, lead with confidence, create new leaders through engagement and empowerment, make an impact in the healthcare field and demonstrate our value. This way we will lead our labs from good to operational excellence!


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