Overcoming Resisters on your team: Gaining Influence



How do you deal with negative team members who pull your team apart and create a negative environment for you and your team?

  1. Communicate to discover the strengths they possess that would be good for your team.

  2. Validate the Strengths and Competence they possess.

  3. Create Congruence by helping your team align the competence they think they have, with what they actually have. This congruence creates harmony within your team.

  4. With this harmony also comes Confidence.

    When you are responsible to build congruence and confidence in your team, this creates trust in you as a leader, and therefore you have Influence with your team.

    Is it worth having harmony in your team? Is it worth having people moving towards the same goal, working together, increasing productivity, increasing engagement?
    I think it's worth it!

Start now by communicating with one resister on your team and validating their strenghths and competence!

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How do you gain influence with your team and help them to go in a positive direction?

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