Leading in a Crisis: Using C.A.R.E To Sustain Change

Leading in a Crisis: Using C.A.R.E To Sustain Change


 Are you finding it difficult to get your team to understand the direction you are trying to get them to go, especially when it is important and urgent?

I used these five steps to get my team on board and sustain changes especially in a crisis.

  1. Communicate
    • Communicate a clear and beneficial goal. Why are we moving in this direction and how does it benefit us?
    • Be the first to Communicate

It is best for the leader to set the tone for the organization.

  1. Be available
    • Be available to answer questions and to show support.
  2. Be a role model
    • "Walk the walk" meaning walk in their shoes.
    • “Do not ask your team to do anything you are not willing to do”.
  3. Encourage while monitoring
    • Review your reward system
    • Reward the behavior you would like to see.

 Watch full video to get full training  and learn how to do this with C.A.R.E.

- Communicate, Be Available, Role Model, Encourage and monitor



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